Security and Privacy


Ethics, Privacy and Security

Looking for approaches to protect effectively the privacy of our customers and visitors, MACO International adopted the OECD Privacy Guidelines (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) as well as the GDPR.

The OECD Privacy Guidelines represent an international consensus on how best to balance effective privacy protection with the free flow of personal data. Openness is a key principle of the Guidelines, which are flexible and allow for various means of compliance. Privacy policies and accurate public statements outlining such policies are a vital step towards encouraging openness and trust. They help our visitors to make informed choices about entrusting us with personal data. For more information, please see OECD Security & Privacy

In addition, MACO International complies with the applicable Belgian Privacy laws and recommendations abd the GDPR.

Furthermore our approach is guided by principles set forth by APA/SIOP. For more information, please see : 'The Ethical Practice of Psychology in Organizations, Second Edition', edited by Rodney L. Lowman and published by the APA/SIOP, USA, 2006,

For more detailed information, please consult Maco International's Privacy Policy.

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