Key Competencies


Personal Development

This process provides key information for personal growth as well as for succession, promotion and career planning.

Based on in-depth interviews -no psychological tests- the potential and developmental actions are described in concrete and specific terms.

The individual growth plan contains actionable feedback, to the executive and the organization, about relevant behavioral dimensions such as the management and leadership style.

Competency analysis and custom-made development centers are also part of MACO's extensive experience.


Coaching Executive Teams

This process leads to an accurate description of the dynamics of the team and provides concrete and specific recommendations for achieving the highest team performance.

Strategy building is often used as a tool to build the executive team, whereas conflict management helps to overcome unproductive team dynamics.


Transition Management

This proces creates in-depth understanding of organizations and leads to specific recommendations regarding the organizational structure and the implementation of transition programs.

Mergers, acquisitions, consolidations and fundamental organizational cultural changes also lead to specific MACO interventions.