Maco International Fund


Maco International Fund



The MIF initiative originated from discussions with executives in leading organizations from various industries. Indeed, a lot of the Maco International clients are involved in community services.

Taking into account the essence of our fundamental mission - which is to develop people - we concluded to engage our experience and resources for the realization of specific civic programs.


The purpose of the Maco International Fund is basically to stimulate/start/support/follow up initiatives leading to the intellectual, cultural and socio-economic development of people living under difficult circumstances.

Allocation of funds

The allocation of funds and available resources of the Maco International Fund will be done in accordance with following rules:

The project:

  • Should be a-political
  • Should have an international scope
  • Should bring added value to the overall well-being and development of the individual
  • Results should be expressed in measurable terms, allowing Maco International to monitor progress.

Key Projects


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