Rudi CV


Rudiger Janssens


  • Master in Psychology (Universities of Ghent and Brussels)
  • Advanced Classes in Total Quality Management, World Class Manufacturing, Innovative Research and Development, Sales and Industrial Marketing, Problem Solving-Decision Making at EU and USA management development institutions.


Professional Experience

  • Worked 19 years for transnational organizations in Europe (Belgium, France, Switzerland) and the USA (East & West Coast)
  • Managed Human Resources, Field Sales/Marketing, Research & Development
  • Development and implementation of strategic, operational transition initiatives; including itegration & consolidation of business activities
  • Training, coaching of Executives, managers based in EU and USA.


Consulting Practice

  • Assessment of organizations; development, implementation of organizational change initiatives
  • Assessment, coaching of executives, managers; executive and management teams
  • Development and implementation of assessment, development, (HRM) processes
  • Facilitating of strategy building initiatives; implementation of ‘road plans, blue prints’.


Other Professional Chracteristics

  • Adaptive, at ease with demanding contexts; bridge builder, team player; positive, future-oriented; effective in multi-cultural environments
  • As part of professional assignments lived in France, the USA; worked for extended periods in Switzerland
  • Fluent in Dutch, English, French; working knowledge of German.

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